Unitedflyhigh Privacy Policy

We believe in transparency and authenticity at unofficial, and our website privacy policy is clearly stated on the webpage. Here is a reference to our privacy statement. You must stop using our website if you do not agree with our privacy rules, and you are not eligible to use our products or services if you do not agree with them. The traveler must thoroughly review the policy. United Airlines places a great value on privacy and confidentiality. Thus we have strict privacy policies in place. We follow all applicable data protection laws as given under the national laws for our user safety.

We reserve the Right To Modify.

We have the authority to make policy changes without informing our users. It is the user’s responsibility to stay updated on all policy changes. You will be able to download our policy as soon as it is updated on our website. Please keep in mind that we are not responsible for informing you of any changes. We urge that you stop using our services if you don’t agree with any portion or all of the privacy policy.

Our Privacy Policy

When it comes to our privacy policy, we make available some critical data that we’ve gathered from our end users, either directly or indirectly. We also collect other information from our users with their permission, and we keep it safe and secure. We do not reveal any information because we promise to keep your data safe and confidential. We accept no responsibility for any legal repercussions that may emerge as a result of any unlawful behavior. At any moment, you have the right to withdraw your permission and stop using the website. No consumer information is ever mutilated, abused, or used unlawfully.

Information we Collect

When a person establishes an account on the website and logs in, his or her information is collected. We collect gatewaAirlinespackages and tailor them to our clients’ needs. When booking a flight, you’ll be prompted for a few details related to your account. Name, address, and phone number are among the Information provided. It is necessary for the user to enter personal Information in order to view our website. All information connected to your Personal Information collected through the website will be kept private and secure on the platform. We are not liable if you opt to utilize any of these services. Any general information pertaining to your Personal Information that is collected through the website shall be secure on the platform. We are not responsible for any third-party affiliates’ services if you choose to use them.

Indirect Information we collect

Users unintentionally supply us with important information such as the system’s location, ISP, cookies, system details, operating system, etc. We collect the data in order to improve our website and our database as a result.

Ads Display

We collect Information and provide ads to our customers on the website in order to improve their experience.

Cookie Policy

When a visitor visits unitedflyhigh.com, our dedicated site, a cookie may be dropped directly or through a third-party site. The website will display Ads based on your past search history and advanced geographic location. This is done for:
  • Improving your browsing experience by increasing the performance of our website and understanding the history of your browser.
  • We may also utilize sophisticated location technologies to arrange travel arrangements.

Newsletter, Discounts & Offers, and Policy Modification.

Our website sends out updates and emails to its customers on a regular basis, informing them of incredible discounts and unique deals. They have the choice to opt-out of receiving such emails if they so want. Unitedflyhigh will notify its users as soon as feasible whenever its Privacy Policy is changed.

Children below 18 years

Anyone under the age of 18 is not permitted to transact or deal with us. The guardians or parents of these children will finish the booking process.

Bank or credit card charges

Unitedflyhigh appreciates the privacy of its users’ Personal Information. Thus we ask that our customers wait until the e-ticket process is completed before making a payment. If you get an email or a phone call claiming to be from Unitedflyhigh and seeking money, be sure to get in touch with us immediately.