Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

United Airlines is a travel service provider with a wide range of flight options. We have United Airlines’ terms and conditions in place to provide our customers a sense of clarity and eliminate any doubts regarding the terms and conditions or the service we provide. We believe that these terms and conditions will dispel any doubts that our clients may have. We strongly advise all of our clients to read these terms and conditions before purchasing our services.

General information: We cannot be held liable for anything that is not immediately within our control, such as weather or traffic circumstances, because tickets are subject to payment realization.
Changes and modifications: Any changes may be made at any time and without warning.
Restricted activities: This website only provides a limited quantity of information for the primary purpose of reference.
Termination and suspension: We have the right to revoke or suspend a user’s account at any time for any reason.
Third-party links: The websites of third parties are not recommended by us.
Copyright policy: Please notify us if you think your rights have been violated.
Cancellation and refunds: Flight tickets are non-refundable after 24 hours.

General Details

Users must make Payment in full at the time of purchase for all flight tickets booked through our website. If Payment is not received before the scheduled departure time, the airline has the right to cancel the reservation. We will email you all of your flight information once your Payment has been completed. If a ticket is canceled, we will refund just the amount charged at the time of purchase. The company also has the power to change any existing flights. Furthermore, the company would be responsible in the following scenarios:

  • An unfortunate event such as a death, sickness, or disaster
  • As a consequence of circumstances outside the company’s control, the traveler suffers losses.
  • There may be a change in flight departure timings due to circumstances beyond our control.


Our website contains a lot of information on the flight, and we have the right to alter the information at any time without prior notice to the customer. We apologize for any trouble this has caused. Prices and other flight information may change or be updated at any moment and without warning. Before viewing this page, it is the user’s duty to be aware of any updates. Before visiting this website’s pages, readers should familiarise themselves with its terms and conditions.

Constrained Activities on the Website

We respect your privacy and keep your personal information private. With the exception of individual usage, using any helpful content for commercial reasons is strictly banned. You agree that you will not:

  • Without our permission, use the website as an affiliate link for another website.
  • The unauthorized person was making false reservations.
  • Attempt to sell it to a third-party firm.
  • Participating in any of the prohibited actions carries serious consequences.


We have the right to terminate or suspend any user account if illegal behavior is suspected. When termination or suspension happens, the company typically explains why, albeit it reserves the right to suspend without warning in some circumstances due to security concerns.
Unaccompanied Minor Policy
We recommend contacting the airline to learn more about their policy on unaccompanied children. We’ve already looked at a few possibilities:

  • Unaccompanied children are not permitted to fly on several carriers. Most airlines charge a fee for the privilege of traveling unaccompanied minors inside the United States.
  • Unaccompanied kids are not permitted to board international flights; however, there are certain exceptions to this rule, which you should inquire about with the airline.

Cost of the services and the Payment:

On the website, customers will be able to view the prices of our products and services. Any market movements are not our responsibility.Before contacting United Airlines, make sure you’ve read our terms and conditions.

Affiliation with Third-Party Links:

As a firm, we’ve partnered with a variety of third parties, so you’ll see various advertisements on our websites. We are not responsible for their content, and we encourage our users to read their rules before buying anything or using their services.

Data on the website

Any online content that violates our company’s regulations will be removed, and those who post it will be blacklisted. If you misuse our content, you risk jeopardizing our reputation.

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