Are you a student planning to travel with United Airlines? You must be looking for a cheap flight ticket. Therefore, United Airlines student discounts help you fly within your budget. However, you can avail this discount when you complete the eligibility conditions. Student life is the best time of our lives. Everyone should celebrate it. So, United Airlines offers discounted fares to the students in this. But first, they need to provide the necessary documents. So, if you want to learn about the student discount on United flights, then the article below will help you.

Does United Airlines Do Student Discount?

Yes, United Airlines provides a student discount of 5% on United Economy and Basic Economy Fares to Students registered for MileagePlus members. Therefore, eligible students can grab the discounted flight tickets. The airline providing reduced fares does not mean it will compromise on facilities.

United Airlines Student Discount Eligibility Requirements

Do you want to benefit from the United Airlines student discount? Then you need to meet the below eligibility requirements:
  • You can get the student fare when your age is between 18 and 23 years old while making a reservation.
  • Similarly, the particulars like name, date of birth, etc, must match with the MileagePlus account details.
  • Further, you can get the United student discount only on the
Flight operated by United / United Express within the U.S. Similarly, United / United Express operated flights to and from selected international places originating in the U.S. When partner airlines operate the flight that consists of “UA number.” Therefore, student discounts on international travel are available on flights operated by
  • Air Canada
  • ANA,
  • Austrian,
  • Brussels,
  • Lufthansa and
  • Swiss etc.
  • You must have a valid student identity card.
  • Similarly, you should have the United Airlines mobile application to apply for a discount.
  • Next, you need to enroll as a MileagePlus member.
  • Student discount is not applicable on taxes and surcharges such as
  • The fee to maintain passengers facility
  • Departure tax for international flights
  • Bag security check charges and more.
  • United does not accept requests for discounts through its website.
Want to learn more about student discount United Airlines then contact its representative. The agent will provide you with the latest information.

Benefits of Student Discount With United

When you choose to board a United Flight using student fares, then you also unlock the following benefits:

Fare Lock

United Airlines gives you a fare lock facility. Under this, airlines give you freedom to cancel a ticket and receive a refund within 24 hours. Further, airlines let you book the flight ticket on the same reduced fare for an agreed period.

Premier Members Benefits

United Airlines allows Premier members to get benefits such as
  • Priority boarding
  • Full-capacity carry-on bag
  • Checked Baggage for no fee
  • Note: Most of the Basic Economy restrictions still applies.

United Cardmembers Benefits 

Students who pay discounted tickets using a United Chase credit card can also enjoy the privileges of a card member. However, you can enjoy this benefit when you purchase a ticket for another passenger.

How to Get Student Discounts on United Flight?

Booking a flight at a discount is the best way to travel stress-free. As a student, United Airlines discounted ticket saves you from financial burden. Therefore, on fulfilling the United Airlines student discount requirements, follow the below process to get the reduced flight ticket:
  • First, create your MileagePlus account on the official website of United Airlines.
  • Then, download the United Airlines mobile application.
  • Further, enter the details to log into your account
  • Similarly, scroll down to the “ Book” option.
  • Then look for the option “ Discounted travel(18-23)”
  • Provide the travel information and
  • Tap on the search flights
  • Next, the available flight will appear on the screen.
  • Then you can check out the fares for different flight
  • Choose one of those flights.
  • Finally, make the payment and complete the booking.

What is United Airlines Student Baggage Allowance?

United Airlines tries to make the travel fun for students. It entitles special baggage allowance to the students.Therefore, if you are flying with United Airlines, then carry one personal item or a carry-on item for no fee. Whether you use a student discount or not, the airline will still give you the same baggage allowance. However, the baggage allowance limit can change with the
  • Type of ticket or
  • Flight route
So, check out the United Airlines student baggage allowance before booking a ticket.

Is It Possible to Book a Student Discount Ticket for Another Person?

No. United Airlines does not allow student discounts to book tickets for another person. Therefore, only you can reserve a flight ticket for yourself on your student ID.

How United Airlines Farelock Feature Works?

It helps you get a seat at a fixed price for a limited period. Therefore, it is the best United feature when you are not sure about your flight date. So here is what you get with FareLock features:
  • Under the FareLock facility, United allows you to hold your flight for 3 / 7 / 14 days.
  • Further, the airline will provide the ticket on the same discounted fare even if you fly in the FareLock period.
  • Similarly, United provides you a guaranteed ticket while locked in period.
  • Next, you get the auto-pay facility that helps you pay for the ticket automatically at the end of the period.


So, the above information is enough to help you book a United Airlines flight at the best fares. Therefore, you can easily avail of the United Airlines student discount through its mobile application. The airline requires you to fulfill the above eligibility requirements, and you are ready to board an enjoyable flight. However, if you still have any doubts regarding student discounts, contact United Airlines customer service.  

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