An Ultimate Guide to United Airlines Check in Policy

It’s check in time before you board your flight. You must be looking for an easy way which is possible when you book your ticket with United. But, first you must understand the United Airlines check in policy for smooth boarding. United Airlines provides various ways to do check-in to save the time of its passengers. So, passengers can use any of the below methods:
  • Online check-in through website
  • Mobile check in
  • Voice check-in through call
  • Upon reaching the airport through Kiosk / ticket counter / curbside
This article will help you understand the above check-in ways, policy and their timings in detail.

Understanding Policies to Check in with United

If you are planning to fly with United Airlines then you must understand the check- in terms and conditions. It differs with the
  • Flight type
  • Departure airport
  • Baggage for check-in
Further it develops policies into two categories that are following:

United Airlines Check in Policy Domestic

Passengers need to consider the following requirements for check-in when they have domestic flights and carry-on baggage.
  • They should check-in not later than 30 minutes prior to flight.
  • However, time limit is 45 minutes before flight for following departure destinations:
  • Aguadilla,
  • Kahului,
  • Baltimore,and
  • San Juan etc.
  • Further, complete the check-in 60 minutes before flight if the departure point is Guam.

United Airlines Check in Policy International

Generally, airlines require passengers to complete the check-in 60 minutes before scheduled departure. But, time limit can change in certain situations which are following:
  • Passengers should do the check-in 75 minutes before departure when departure destinations are following:
  • Dublin
  • Honolulu
  • Hawaii
  • Lima
  • Peru
  • For departure point Manila : 90 minutes before scheduled departure.
  • When itinerary of passengers include destination such as Marshall islands and Micronesia: 90 minutes before flight

Policy for Codeshare Flights

United Airlines codeshare partners check in terms and conditions may vary.
  • The foremost flight should be operated by a codeshare partner when you check-in for a codeshare airline.
  • You will receive the alert for check-in on the registered mobile number and email ID.

Different Ways to Check-in with United Airlines

United Airlines allows its passengers to choose from different methods of check-in. So, you will get the check-in reminders on the authorized email ID. So, understanding of different ways to check in is important.

Online Check-in

Passengers who want to save their time can choose United Airlines online check-in. For them United Airlines check-in time starts 24 hours prior to flight departure. Make sure that you carry the important documents like passport and visa for international flight. Further, you can validate your visa by visiting the travel ready center or by an agent on reaching the airport.

Terms and Conditions

  • Your flight is operated by United Airlines.
  • The itinerary must include four or less flight segments
  • You are nine or less persons
  • Finished your passport scan process
  • Your itinerary must not have a requirement to visit an executive at the airport.
  • When the ticket is not in paper form.
  • When you do not have a Basic Economy ticket.

Process to Online Check-in

Mobile Check-in

Passengers can check-in 24 hours before departure. It lasts 60 minutes before flight. Further, the timings may differ with the departure or arrival destination. Therefore, passengers can use the United Airlines check-in app for mobile check-in.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Your flight must be operated by United Airlines
  • You have a e-ticket
  • Similarly, you do not have a specific requirement.
  • Your departure airport approves mobile check-in

Process for Check-in through Mobile

  • Download United Airlines app
  • Open the app in your mobile device
  • Scroll to mobile check-in
  • Enter all the details and
  • Finally, make the payment.

Voice Check-in

Passengers can use the United Airlines voice check-in when they do not have internet access.

Eligibility Terms and conditions

  • Travelling in the US or Canada
  • You have 10 or less companions.


  • Dial United airlines customer service 1-800-864-8331
  • Follow the IVR instructions
  • Say “check -in”
  • Next, provide the necessary documents on email or use airport kiosk
  • Pay for the baggage charges and you are ready to board.

Kiosk / Curbside Check-in

Passengers can use Kiosk or curbside check-in at many U.S airports. They can complete it 4 hours to 30 minutes before flight. Further, timing can differ with the departure and arrival destination.

Eligibility for Kiosk Check-in

  • You have a confirmation number or
  • Frequent Flyer number
  • Credit card details

Process to Check-in

United Airlines divides the passengers into several groups. A color represents each group.
  • Find your boarding group
  • Recognise the lane
  • Further provide the requested detail to the executive
  • And complete the check-in process

Is It Better to Check-in Online or At The Airport?

Passengers who only have a hand bag and a short haul flight ticket should choose United online check-in. However, when you have a heavy luggage, choosing to check-in by visiting the airport is an ideal option.

What are Check-in Rules for Baggage on United Flight?

Passengers can take advantage of United Airlines check-in Baggage policy which allows them to check 2 bags. However they must not be more than 50 pounds in weight. Also, every bag dimension must not exceed 62 inches measurement. Further, United Airlines charge $25 to check-in baggage and $35 for additional baggage.


So, passengers can choose from the different check in methods. However, they need to follow the United Airlines check-in policy to ensure a smoother boarding process. You visit the airlines website to check terms and conditions in detail. Also, you have an option to connect United customer service (1 (800) 864-8331) for any kind of check-in assistance. You May Visit : United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

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