How to Request United Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Services?

A comfortable seat is always a concern for passengers. However, for people with disabilities, it is not just a concern but a need. Thanks to United Airlines wheelchair assistance which is doing a great job to help passengers with special needs. As per the latest update by United and the Transportation Department, the airline will provide an advanced filter with a reservation tool. People with special needs can use the filter to find flights that can accommodate their wheelchair. United Airlines provides different options for wheelchairs so passengers can choose accordingly. Further, the airline promised a fare difference refund if passengers had to book a flight at a higher fare to fit their wheelchair in the plane. In this article, you will get all the information on
  • Types of wheelchair airline offer and their charges
  • Booking process and
  • Other points to remember
So, if you want to learn more about special assistance services, go through the post properly.

Different Wheelchair Options with United Airlines 

Before you initiate a United Airlines wheelchair assistance request, it is important to understand the different options you have. The airline provides various options according to the needs of different passengers, So you can choose from the following:

Airport Wheelchairs

The airline provides manual wheelchairs at all airports. Further, the chair measures 18 inches in width. So passengers can use them to move around the airport.

Aisle Wheelchairs

Airlines provide these wheelchairs to move to and from the seat while boarding and exiting. So passengers can enjoy their journey stress-free.

Onboard Wheelchairs

United Airlines consists of over 60 seats that have wheelchairs. Therefore, special needs can choose to freely use the lavatory. Note: The airline will help the passengers with
  • Getting on and off from the seat
  • Carry-on bags
  • Using food packages along with beverages
Further, the airline staff will not help in
  • Bathroom
  • Medication
  • Or meal feeding
So, it is better to travel with a family member, friend, or a caretaker.

How to Book Wheelchair Assistance with United Airlines?

The airline provides various ways to request special assistance services. Therefore, you can choose from any of the following options:

Wheelchair Assistance through the website

  • Visit United Airlines official website at URL
  • Scroll to the “My Trips “section
  • Similarly, click on the flight for which you need assistance
  • Then click on edit and enter passenger details
  • Choose the “special assistance.”
  • Further, select “wheelchair assistance from the dropdown
  • Then, choose from the different wheelchair option
  • Click on Continue and complete the process.
  • Finally, you will get the booking confirmation in your mail.

Wheelchair Assistance through Phone 

Passengers can also contact United Airlines wheelchair assistance phone number and follow the IVR process to reach out to a representative. Follow the below steps to reserve wheelchair assistance through airline staff:
  • Dial United Airlines toll-free number(1-800-228-2744)
  • Listen to the IVR instructions
  • Press 1 for language
  • Press 2 for new booking
  • Press 3 for modification, cancellation, and refund
  • Press 4 to reach out to a live person
  • Further, share your request for wheelchair assistance with the staff.
  • Provide the requested details and
  • Finally, you will get confirmation from the airline.
Note: Please visit the official website to check the United Airlines updated phone number.

Wheelchair Assistance through Email

The airline provides customer service through mail as well. Therefore, you can consider the below steps to contact the airline through mail:
  • Visit the United web page
  • Go to “Contact Us” and then to “Email Us.”
  • Further, enter your email ID
  • Compose the mail mentioning detailed requirements for a wheelchair
  • Finally, submit it, and the airline representative will contact you soon.

Wheelchair Assistance through Live Chat

Passengers can also use the United chat services to reserve wheelchair services. Follow the below steps:
  • Visit the airline’s website
  • Scroll to “Contact Us”
  • Then select the “live chat” option.
  • Type your concern in the chat box
  • Tap on send
  • Further, the representative will provide the confirmation for wheel assistance by email.

Can I Ask For A Wheelchair At the Airport?

Yes. You can choose to book wheelchair assistance United Airlines at the airport if you forget it while booking the flight ticket. Therefore, you can do the following:
  • Visit the check-in counter at the airport
  • Request for wheelchair
  • Further, the airline staff will arrange the requested wheelchair for you.

Does United Airlines Charge for Wheelchair Assistance?

No. United Airlines does not charge any fee up to two of following:
  • wheelchairs,
  • Scooters, or
  • Mobility devices.
It also includes
  • Sports wheelchairs,
  • Private medical equipment
Also, airlines recommend that they check the assistance equipment in the airport lobby. Note: United Airlines may charge a fee if you check in with additional wheelchairs or mobility equipment.

Can I Use My Own Wheelchair at the Airport?

Yes. You can inform the airline agent before reaching the airport. Further, the agent will help you with check-in of your wheelchair. You will get your wheelchair back at the gate while deboarding. Inform the airline before you board the first flight if you book the connecting flight. The airline staff may need your coordination while checking the wheelchair before boarding the second flight. Note: The airline staff mostly require written confirmation for loading/unloading of wheelchairs. Therefore, passengers should fill out the wheelchair information form and submit it with their wheelchair. The staff makes changes to passengers’ wheelchairs when they allow.


Boarding a flight is no longer an issue for passengers who need special care. They can take advantage of United Airlines wheelchair assistance services. Further, they can forget all their worries about boarding and de-boarding a flight by using the information. However, you can contact the United Airlines team at 1-800-228-2744 if you find any difficulty reserving assistance services. Other blog – United Airlines Lost and Found Policy

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