Have you missed your United flight and are now finding it difficult to get the solution? You may be losing hope and thinking that you won’t reach your destination on time and lose your money, too. Thanks to United Airlines missed flight policy, that helps you get out of this situation quickly. Understanding the policy will guide you on possible alternatives that you can not catch your flight. United Airlines tries its best to help you reach your destination at a decided time. Therefore, it either provides you a seat in a new flight or refund in some circumstances. So, if you want to learn more about the missed flight situation with United Airlines, go through the article below.

United Airlines Missed Flight Policy 

If you have missed your United Airlines flight, then you should consider the following points:
  • Inform the airline as soon as you know about the missed flight.
  • Therefore, you can do it through email, phone, website etc.
  • Further, the airline will provide one of the following options
  1. Rebook you on another flight or
  2. Refund for the Airline
  • However, rebooking depends on the fare type and seat availability.
  • So, accordingly, you may need to pay a rebooking fee and fare difference.
  • Similarly, United Airlines can put you in the stand by list for an earlier flight, 24 hours for no cost.
  • No-Show Policy: Airline will see you as a no-show
  • If you do not inform the airline for missed flights and
  • Do not reach the airport before flight departure
  • Further, United Airlines allow same day flight change in some situations. However, you may need to pay a fee.
  • Note: According to the United Airlines missed flight policy, the airline does not refund the amount for your ticket in case of no show
  • United Airlines automatically processes the refund if it is their fault.
  • If you miss your flight for avoidable reasons, then United Airlines charges a rebooking fee and fare difference.

What to Do If I Miss my United Airlines Flight?

Are you unable to catch your United flight? It can be a tiring situation right before you dream to board your flight. However, knowing your options can save you time and money.
  • Inform the Airline: The moment you are aware of your missed flight contact United Airlines customer service as soon as possible. Then, provide a valid reason for your late arrival at the airport. Accordingly, the airline representative will assess the situation and provide you the solution. It can differ with the ticket type, fare terms and conditions and United rules.

Rebook on New Flight

If you have missed the United flight because of a situation in your control, then the only option is to reserve a ticket on the new flight. However, the airline can charge a rebooking fee and fare difference. Further, if you have unavoidable reasons, then the airline can skip the charges for you. Whether you will get a confirmed seat, depends on the availability.
  • Standby Flight: Suppose you do not get the seat in the immediate flight then the airline will put your name in the standby list for another flight. Also, the airline does not charge anything for it.
  • Check for Travel Insurance: Check your travel insurance terms to see if it covers the United missed flight or not.
  • Stay Option: United Airlines also provides you stay options when you do not get the seat in an upcoming flight. However, you need to bear the charges when it is not the airline fault.
  • Apply for Refund: Although United Airlines does not allow you a refund for missed flights. However, you can expect it in the form of travel credit in some situations, such as
  • When you miss your flight because of an airline
  • When you have valid reasons
  • Similarly, when there is a bad weather condition

How to Reschedule a United Missed Flight?

If you are struggling with United Airlines missed flight, then booking a new flight is the alternative option for you. Therefore, you can follow the below process to reschedule your missed flight:
  • First, visit the United Airlines website
  • Further, look for “MyTrips” and tap on it.
  • Enter requested details to access your bookings.
  • Next, click on “rebook flight.”
  • Provide the travel details,
  • Select from the available flights
  • Next, make payment for the difference in fare, if any.
  • Get in Touch with a United Airlines Representative
  • You can reach out to a representative and tell him I missed my United Airlines flight. The representative will listen to your explanation.
  • Accordingly, you will get guidance from the agent. United agents can put your name on the standby list.

Do You Get Charged for Missing a United Flight?

No, airline does not charge for missing a United flight. However, you may lose the value of ticket if
  • You are a no-show: In this case, United Airlines takes over the entire ticket value.
  • You missed a flight for an avoidable reason: the airline will not refund any amount if you catch the flight.
  • However, you can skip the above charges if your missed flight is because of the airline mistake.

Does United Airlines Give Refund for Missed Flight?

With United Airlines missed flight refund policy, the airline gives you a refund when it cancels your flight. In other situations, like bad weather conditions, it is not compulsory for airline to provide a refund. Still, to keep its passengers, airlines provide refunds, which can be in the form of travel credit. Further, the passengers can use those credits to rebook a flight or for an upcoming journey in the validity period. Please note that it may take around 7 days for credit card payments. However, for other sources, it can take around 20 days.

Will United Pay for Missed Connection?

Yes. You can expect a United Airlines missed connection flight compensation when there is delay of more than 2 hours. Usually, the airline compensates you with double the amount of your one way ticket. However, the amount can change with the flight distance.


So, there is no need to panic if you have missed a United flight. The airline provides many options to help you get out of this situation. Therefore, whatever reason you have for missed flight, you will always get an option. So, simply call United Airlines Missed Flight Phone Number(1 800 864 8331) whenever you encountered with such situation.

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