United Airlines Change Flight Policy – Everything You Need to Know

Unpredictability is part of life, and the same goes for booking a flight. Similarly, there are times when you require changes in your travel plan. United Airlines Change Flight Policy gives you ease to make changes quickly. In this article, you will get all the relevant information on how to modify flight with United Airlines. According to United Airlines flight change policy, passengers can change scheduled flights in unexpected circumstances. United Airlines charges a fee applicable in the situation. However, in case of a higher new flight fare, passengers need to pay the difference. 

United Airlines Flight Change Policy – Important Guidelines

Here are some important guidelines that one should keep in mind before changing a flight with United Airlines.
  • You can avail full refund for all kinds of United Airlines tickets if canceled within 24 hours of purchase.
  •  No charges are applicable for flights originating within the US or Canada. It excludes basic economy fare. 
  •  You need to pay the fare difference.
  •  Additionally, only book a flight when you have a clear travel plan. Rather, you should avail the travel credit.
  •  Avail benefit of travel credit within one year of issuance.
  •  United Airlines allows passengers to change flights as many times as they do not bother to pay the fare difference.
  •  As United Airlines change flight policy, you get travel credit if the new flight is cheaper than the earlier one.
  •  Passengers can escape the United Airlines change flight fee if they travel on an award ticket in economy or premium economy and the flight origin is the USA.
  •  In addition to this, a standby fee is not applicable on booking an earlier flight on the same day.
  •  Moreover, Mileage Plus members do not need to pay to book a seat on an earlier flight.
  •  If you booked through a travel agency, you can avail travel credit if they offer.
  • On the other hand, United Airlines alter flight is not applicable on group flights booked through the airlines’ group desk.
  • United Airlines’ name correction allows you to correct the spelling error in airline tickets.

United Airlines 24-hour Flight Change Policy

According to the 24-hour flight change policy, a passenger can make changes in 
  • Time 
  • Origin
  • Destination, and 
  • Travel Date
Before making changes to the booking, you need to consider some points mentioned below.    Likewise, you cannot make a change in the airline, i.e., you will get a new booking in United Airlines flight only.  No charges are applicable except the fare difference for changes within 24 hours of purchase. These conditions are not applicable to the basic economy class.

What is the United Airlines Change Flight Cost?

United Airlines charges you $200(for domestic flights) and refunds the remaining ticket cost if you reschedule the flight 7 days before the date of departure and 24 hours before booking. 
  • For international flights, passengers need to pay $400.
  • Passengers do not need to pay an additional fee if they have mileage points. 
  • According to United Airlines flight change policy, passengers will not get any refund for tickets canceled within an hour of flight departure. 
  • Additionally, contact United Airlines customer support as soon as possible to avoid any schedule change fee.

Types of Flight Change at United Airlines

United Airlines flight change policy offers passengers the freedom to make changes to their flight ticket. But the question is, what kind of changes can you make to a ticket? Here are the changes that one can make:
  • United Airlines Change Flight Date
Change in flight booking date is a user-friendly process with United Airlines flight change policy. You are allowed to choose a date up to 11 months before the previous flight date. 
  • United Airlines Name Change 
You may be worried about how to change the name on United flight tickets, but it is an easy process with United Airlines. If, by mistake, you have entered the wrong details of your name, then you can make corrections as per United Airlines’ name change policy.
  • United Airlines Change Flight Seat
Changing flight seats is more convenient for United Airlines. For all types of tickets except basic economy, you can upgrade your seat in multiple ways. For basic economy, you can buy a different ticket for an additional amount. 
  • United Airlines Change Location
According to the United Airlines change flight policy, you can easily modify the point of departure and destination without making extra payment. It allows passengers to change flight locations up to one hour before the departure time. 

How to Change a Flight With United Airlines Online?

It is one of the most chosen ways to make changes in flight bookings. It offers passengers the freedom to make changes by sitting in the comfort of their homes. You need Internet access, and you are good to go. Here are the steps that you can follow.
  • Visit United Airlines’ official website.
  •  Enter the 6-digit reservation number and passenger surname. 
  •  Click on the confirm button and get access to the booking
  •  Select the flight ticket you want to modify and click on “Change your Flight.”
  •  Press the “Continue” button.
  •  Complete the process before one hour of flight departure to avoid any charges.
  •  Make payment using available modes of payment. 

How to Change a United Airlines Flight via Phone Number?

Under this method, passengers call United Airlines, change flight phone number 1-800-864-8331 , and submit their request. Here are the steps that you need to follow:
  • Contact United Airlines at 1-800-864-8331.
  •  Request for changing the flight
  •  Select from different flights available on the screen. 
  •  A representative will display details regarding flight change fees and fare differences on the screen. 
  •  Make payment using Debit or Credit cards.
  •  On successful payment completion, you will get a confirmation email.

How Does United Airlines Flight Change at the Airport?

According to United Airlines’ change flight policy, passengers can make flight changes at the airport. For this, you need to reach the airport at least 1 hour for domestic and 3 hours for international before scheduled departure. Follow these steps for United Airlines same-day flight change:
  • Reach the airport and visit the registration desk.
  • Provide details like a 6-digit code or E-ticket number. 
  • Request for flight change and carefully go through the United Airlines flight change policy. Select from the available flight alternatives. 
  • You can use a debit or credit card to pay the high fare difference. You also get the option to pay in cash. 
  • On successful payment, you will get the email for the confirmed booking. 

United Airlines Same Day Flight Change Policy

For United airline same day flight change, you need to consider below points: United Airlines change flight cost is not applicable to Premier Gold, Premier 1K, or Premier Platinum members.  Premium Silver and Mileage Plus members need to pay $75 for same-day flight change. Adjustment is allowed only up to 24 hours from scheduled departure. Passengers need to pay the fare difference. United Airlines same-day flight change policy offers freedom to make changes in point of departure and destination. For a change in route, you need to make an additional payment.

What is United Airlines Reschedule Policy?

Schedule change policy is an important part of United Airlines flight change policy. Under this, airlines allow passengers to check flight schedules for up to 11 months. Airlines can make the modifications once they release the schedule, which includes the following:
  • Changes in flight arrival and departure schedule
  •  Changes in the number of flights 
  •  Changes in routes
  •  Change in aircraft
Airlines update you at least 2 weeks before the flight departure time and give you the option to choose among the following options:
  • Change your flight 7 days before or after scheduled departure without paying additional charges. 
  •  If United Airlines’ schedule change does not match your requirements, you can ask for a full refund from the airline. 
Points to consider in United Airlines flight change- In Case of Schedule change
  • The initial and final destination will remain the same as before. 
  •  In the case of a connecting flight, you will get the option to change the stopover destination.
  •  The chosen route will be United Airlines or its partner airlines. 
 You can ask for a full refund if there are major changes in the flight itinerary. United Airlines change flight policy allows the passenger to ask for payment if they do not get the agreed cabin. 

United Airlines Standby Policy for Flight Change

Standby policy is a gem for passengers who missed their flight. It allows them to board the next flight. For this, passengers need to come at least 2 hours before the scheduled departure. You may need to wait before you get a seat on an earlier or later flight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 What are the methods to change flight with United Airlines?
There are three ways to change flight with United Airlines. You can do it by visiting the official website, calling their customer support, or at the airport.
Q2 How much do we need to pay for United Airlines same-day flight change?
There is no fee for Premier Silver, Premier Gold, Platinum 1k, and Global Services elite members. For Non-elite members, it is $75. 
Q3 What type of changes can I make on a United Airlines ticket?
According to the United Airlines flight change policy, passengers can change the flight route, origin or destination, and type of aircraft. 
Q4 Can I change flights with United Airlines within 24 hours of purchase?
United Airlines change flight policy offers passengers the freedom to make changes in travel time, date of departure, origin, and destination within 24 hours of purchase.
Q5 What is United Airlines change flight phone number to talk to a customer support executive directly?
You can connect to United Airlines customer support either on call or on chat. To do so, you will get the numbers on the official website. Also, you can call on +1-800-865-1848 for an immediate solution. 
Q6 What is the flight change policy for basic economy fares in United Airlines?
Changes are not allowed in basic economy fares. Rather, passengers can opt for the United Airlines standby option. For more information, you can call +1-800-865-1848.
Q7 How to skip charges for a United flight change?
To avoid charges for flight changes, passengers can ask for changes within 24 hours of purchase. 
Q8 What to do if United Airlines rescheduled my flight?
If the airline reschedules your flight at a higher fare, then you can contact their customer service at +1-800-865-1848 and request to book a different flight.   

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