Do you want to cancel your United flight and worried about the cancellation expenses? Then, check out the United Airlines cancellation policy that makes the canceling flight tickets simple for you. Cancelling a flight ticket is the last thing that a passenger may want. Therefore, hectic of cancellation can be a concern for them. So, before proceeding further with the cancellation process, it is important to understand the United Airlines requirements. Therefore, this article will help you get all the information on the mandatory cancellation policies of United Airlines.

What is The Cancellation Policy for United Airlines?

  • Under the cancellation policy, United Airlines allows you free cancellation, 24 hours of reservation. However, 7 days are there for departure. Therefore, you can expect a full refund from the airline. It is applicable to all fare types.
  • Similarly, United Airlines does not allow cancelling a basic economy ticket after 24 hours. So, your ticket becomes non refundable.
  • As per United Airlines cancellation policy, you can receive a full refund after airline cancel your reservation. In addition, you do not like the alternative option.
  • Similarly, United Airlines will not refund you a penny if you are a no-show.
  • Further, the airline does not charge a cancellation fee and allows full refunds in the following situations:
When there is death of a companion When there is a medical emergency or Any other unavoidable situation
  • United Airlines does not refund the farelock fee.
  • Further, United Airlines does not allow refunds for nonrefundable tickets. However, it may issue you a travel credit to use on a future journey.
  • For United refundable tickets, you can recieve a full refund to the original source of payment. The amount of refund depends on the fare type after the deduction of the cancellation fee.
  • Similarly, when you purchase a flight ticket using miles and cancel the same, then United Airlines gives the following option.
Request to submit the miles back to your airline account or Use the miles to book the next trip
  • However, if you are a no-show, then the airline does not return the miles. However, you can do it by paying $125.
  • Note: The 24-hour United Airlines cancellation policy is not applicable to group ticket

Can I Get Credit If I Cancel My United Flight?

Yes. United Airlines offers you credit in the following situations:
  • When you cancel your trip or
  • When you change the flight and new flight has less fare.
  • You can use the United flight credit for booking a journey on
United, United Express Partner-operated flight when you buy it through a website or application.
  • To book non-ticket items such as seating at the time of booking
Please note that you can not use the travel credit for non-ticket items if you do not book them while booking the flight ticket.

What is the United Economy fully refundable?

As per United Economy cancellation policy, you can get a full refund for a fully refundable economy ticket. The airline will charge a cancellation fee. Further, it will process the refund to your original source of payment. Therefore, if you want a full refund on cancellation, then consider booking fully refundable economy fares for an additional fee. The cost can be $30 more than standard economy fares.
  • Note: United Airlines offer a fully refundable ticket option in all types of fare classes excluding basic economy(N).

How to Cancel a United Airlines Flight Ticket?

You can easily cancel your United Airlines flight using online and offline processes.

Method 1: Through United Website

  • Visit United Airlines website
  • Then, search for “ My Trips” option.
  • Next, enter the booking number and surname.
  • Select the flight for which you need cancellation
  • Further, pay the cancellation fee.
  • Lastly, get the confirmation email for cancellation.

Method 2: Through Mobile App

  • First, download the United Airlines mobile app.
  • Then, enter the login details.
  • Click on “My Trips”.
  • Enter the reservation number and last name.
  • Choose the flight.
  • Then click on cancel flight.
  • Make the payment, if applicable,
  • Lastly, airline will send you confirmation in the email.

Method 3 Through Phone Number 

You can contact United Airlines customer service at (1 (800) 864-8331) for cancellation of flight. Once you dial the number, you will hear the IVR process. Follow them to connect with an agent. Finally, request him for ticket cancellation.

How Much United Airlines Charge as Cancellation Fee?

Earlier United Airlines used to charge a fee of $200. However, now you can cancel your ticket without any charge , 24 hours after itinerary booking. After that airline charge a cancellation fee on some fare classes.
Type of TicketsCancellation Fee
Basic EconomyTill 24 hour: No fee After that: Cancellation not allowed
Non Refundable FaresTill 24 hour: no fee but you will receive the refund in flight credit After that: cancellation fee as airline policy and remaining amount in Flight credit
Refundable FaresTill 24 Hours: No fee After 24: Get the ticket amount after cancellation fee as per United policies
Award TicketNo cancellation fee If you are a no show: For general member $125 For Premier silver member: $125
  • Note: The above United Airlines cancellation fee as and when the airline feels its need. Therefore, must check the airline website for updated charges.

What If United Airlines Cancel Your Ticket?

Usually, United Airlines does not allow full refunds for all fares. However, in some events, you can expect a full refund from United Airlines, such as
  • When United Airlines cancels your flight and you do not like the alternative option.
  • Death of a companion
  • In case of serious illness.
You must present the required documents as evidence for a refund.

Can I Receive a Refund for United Airlines Ticket?

Yes. You can receive a refund from United Airlines when you meet the requirements. Therefore, check them below:
  • First, you need to cancel your ticket by visiting “My Trips” on the website.
  • Similarly, the amount of refund you will receive depends on various factors like
  • Type of fares
  • Timing of cancellation
  • Further, the airline will give you a refund on the original source of payment.
  • It can take a maximum of seven days to get a refund for credit card payments.
  • However, for others, it can take around 20 days from application to refund.
  • The airline will allow you a full refund for all fare types when you cancel within 24 hours of the ticket.
  • However, there must be 7 days for flight departure.
  • Similarly, you can not get a refund for a basic economy ticket on United Airlines when you cancel it after 24 hours of booking.
  • Note: United Airlines make changes in policies with time. Therefore, check the updated refund policies on its website.


So, If you want to cancel your United flight ticket, then you can easily do it. You simply need to keep the above United Airlines cancellation policy in mind. Further, follow the easy cancellation process and get the refundable value of your ticket. Lastly, United Airlines dedicated help desk is there to help you.

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