United Airlines Lost and Found Policy
Stressful situations can come at any time in life, and we must be ready for that. The same thing applies to situations like when you complete a journey and find that you forgot an item in the aircraft. However, does that mean you will never receive your belongings back? Absolutely not. United Airlines Lost and Found policy is there to help you. It helps you report lost items to the airline and retrieve them as soon as possible. Therefore, go through the post properly if you want to learn about policy for
  • Lost and found baggage
  • Damaged or Delayed item
  • United Lost and Found policy

How do you file a claim for United Airlines Lost and Found policy for baggage?

Every airline has its unique way of dealing with the passenger’s queries. Therefore, United Airlines provides its passengers with different options to report a lost item or delayed or damaged baggage. They can do it either through online or offline methods.

File an Online Report

Here are the two scenarios

When a passenger forgets an item on the aircraft

United provide exceptional service to its passengers by making every effort to help them. Therefore, the airline requests the passengers to follow the below steps if they lose an item on the plane.
  • Visit the United Airline’s official website.
  • Scroll to “help center”
  • On the next page, choose “baggage” from different options.
  • Further, in the dropdown, click on ” lost items.”
  • Accordingly, follow the instructions and register a complaint.
  • Lastly, submit the complaint form and get confirmation on your email I.D. You will receive a tracking number that you can use to check the status.
Note-: You should provide all the information regarding the item, which includes
  • Color
  • Brand
  • Size
  • Other features.

When a passenger lost it somewhere else

Passengers who lost their belongings somewhere else can use the options below:

Submit a Request

  • Visit the airline’s website.
  • Scroll to “help center”
  • Next, click on the “baggage” option.
  • Similarly, click on “damaged or delayed bags.”
  • Provide a description of their thing and submit the form.
  • Check “missing items from checked bags” from the airline web page.

When you forget it at the TSA Checkpoint

  • Visit the TSA webpage or
  • Connect the representative at 1-866-289-9673

At Airport 

You can contact the airline help desk if you are still standing at the airport. Therefore, reach out to the United Airlines lost and found help desk and share your concern with them. The staff will do everything to help you.

File a Report Offline 

You can file offline for Items left at the airport on a plane or somewhere else. Therefore, you can contact as per your convenience.
  • Call the United Lost and Found phone number.
  • Share the description of the item.
  • Further, the representative will offer the required help.
Note: United sent you an email with the process to retrieve your belongings. In addition, airlines will respond within 30 days if they do not find the item. Try to inform the airline as soon as possible to speed up the process of finding your item.

United Airlines Lost Baggage Policy

United Airlines’ policy, the airline compensates the passengers if the baggage is
  • Delayed
  • Damaged
  • Lost
  • Misplaced.
Passengers need to submit a request for reimbursement of expenses. Further, airlines issue compensation of $1500 for each bag for International flights. However, it is possible only if the airline fails to locate the bag within 5 days. Passengers do not need to fulfill any documentation requirements. For domestic flights, passengers get compensation of around $3800. Note-: The Airline deducts the amount from the reimbursement if the passenger has already received any amount for delayed bags. Please contact the United baggage service office if you do not find your luggage.

How Do I Contact United Airlines for Lost, Damaged, or Delayed Items?

Passengers can easily get solutions when they find issues with their checked bags. The airlines do everything to correct things for them. Therefore, when you book a journey with United and lose your bag, or you find a damaged/delayed bag, use three basic steps.

Report the issue

  • First, visit the United Airlines webpage
  • There, you will get an option to report your issue. So, click on that.
  • You can also report it at the airport or on call and receive a reference number.
  • So, here are the two situations
United Airlines Change Flight Policy

When you are at the airport 

  • Visit the baggage service office before leaving
  • Check the baggage status and receive a reference number for bag delivery.

When you leave the airport 

  • Call the United baggage recovery center (1-800-335-2247).
  • Similarly, passengers who are from the U.S., including
  • Puerto Rico,
  • Guam,
  • and the U.S. Virgin Islands, file the complaint within 24 hours of arrival.
  • Similarly, passengers who are from outside the U.S. file a complaint:
For damaged bags-: within 7 days For delayed/damaged/lost bags: within 21 days.

Submit a request for reimbursement. 

You can claim compensation using the reference number. The airline finds it helpful in discovering the owner when you file a lost bag claim. Passengers should claim it within 45 days if they have a flight within the U.S. You can submit the reimbursement request for
  • Damaged bags
  • Interim expenses
  • Lost bags
  • Missing items

Check the Status of Your Claim

Further, you can see your claim status online through
  • Confirmation number
  • Reference number for your file.

What Does Not Come in Baggage Liability Limits?

United Airlines does not assume responsibility for loss/damage/delay for items like
  • Wheelchairs or other supportive devices
  • High-value item
  • Fragile things
  • Perishable products for domestic itinerary
United applies the Warsaw Convention on International journeys. Compensation for checked baggage is limited to $640 and $400 for unchecked baggage.

In What Currency Does United Issue Compensation?

The airline provides the compensation in the currency as per the address mentioned in your claim. Therefore, you will receive the claim in the currency of your country if you stay outside the U.S. However, you receive the amount in U.S dollars when you are from the U.S. and want a refund for your expenses in another country. Note: To learn more about the refund of expenses, please contact the baggage resolution center. They will provide the immediate solution for your grievances. So, visit the website and get the correct contact number.


Passengers can board a flight with complete relaxation. The first responsibility of belongings is upon the passenger. However, airlines give them complete support when they forget an item in the aircraft or anywhere else. So, you can take advantage of the Lost and Found policy of United when you by mistake leave the item, or your baggage is damaged/delayed.


How do I retrieve an item I left on my United flight?

You can easily do it by filing a claim online by visiting the United website. Provide all the requested information like name, contact details, and description of your belongings. Also, you can contact 1 281 821-3526( outside US/ Canada) OR 1 800 335-2247(USA)

Is United good with lost items?

Yes. It is possible when you report the lost item as soon as five days. In cases like lost, damaged, or delayed baggage, airlines also provide compensation as per United Lost and Found baggage allowance.

What do airlines do with lost and found items?

Firstly, TSA takes every step to return the item to passengers if they forgot it on the aircraft or at the airport. However, if TSA does not find the owner within 30 days, they may do the following:
  • Destroy the item
  • Transfer to the state agency
  • Sell it.

How to contact United Airlines from the USA for items left?

Contact at United Lost and Found phone number USA: 1-800-335-2247

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