Choose Your Preferred Seats with United Airlines: A Complete Guide to Seat Selection, Fees, and Changes United Airlines is considered the largest airline when booking the flight ticket to the US and outside the country. They are favorably regarded as the top air carriers, having an extensive network of routes & outstanding customer service. You can enhance the overall flying experience and get a reservation with them online at their website. One of the major perks that they offer to travelers is to select your seats. You can be seated on your preferred seats and choose the same in advance before the scheduled departure. Every traveler does not fly frequently, and not everyone keeps updated about the changing needs. In this blog, you will get to know about the complete guide on United Airlines seat selection, seating option, fees, and their related changes.

How do I choose my seat on United Airlines?

One of the perfect ways to start the process is to choose the seats with United. You can get your favorite seats from United Airlines seat selection basic economy at the time of booking, flight check-in, or anytime before the scheduled departure.
  • First, open the official website of United Airlines at
  • You can log into the account through the correct username or password or book directly at their website.
  • When you add the booking details to get the flights, you can proceed further. Enter the trip type, travel class, number of passengers, destination, and travel dates.
  • You need to choose the preferred flight and open the seat map.
  • From that, you can select the appropriate seats as per the travel class and the availability.
  • Add the passenger’s information and travel documents and make the payment.
  • United Airlines will share the confirmation with your registered email ID.

What is the United Airlines Seat Selection Policy?

When you have decided to acquire your favorite seats, you will find a variety of options on all the United flights. For this, a United seating policy exists that shows you all the details for choosing the flight seats. You can guarantee that your travel goes smoothly by following the below rules.
  • If you want to avoid any fees, you must select the seat within 24 hours of the purchase.
  • Policy will apply to the tickets purchased a week prior to the scheduled departure.
  • You can select the seats at the time of check-in, at the airport, or on the board according to your destination.
  • If you fail to get the preferred seats as per the United seat assignments, they will assign you a random seat on the boarding.
  • Passengers who have booked seats apart from the standard economy need to pay the fees after the 24 hours of the reservation.
  • United frequent flyer members in the loyalty program will always find better seats as compared to others having additional benefits.
  • Premium members can acquire the complimentary upgrade to the economy plus for free using the miles.
  • Passengers can change their seats anytime, subject to the availability of the new aircraft.
  • Senior citizens and unaccompanied minors traveling with United can select the seats at the check-in counters at the airport.
  • If you are not unfit to handle uncertain situations, you cannot choose the emergency exit seats.

How do I Choose my Seat after Booking?

United flies to the major parts of the international and domestic destinations worldwide. If you get the flight tickets with them, you must have a choice in the seats for a comfortable journey without any hassles. You can get to know about United Airlines seat selection after booking in the given information.

Select the Seats Online:

One of the best and fastest ways to get suitable seats is online. You can use the United website or download the mobile app to select the seats.
  • You must open the United Airlines official website at
  • With this, you can get the My Trips option from the top of the screen.
  • You just need to add the booking confirmation code and the passenger’s surname.
  • On the booking page, choose the flight you wish to get the seats.
  • At there, tap on the seat selection button to proceed further.
  • You will get the seat assignment map where you will get the available seats for your travel class.
  • Choose seats for each of the passengers and pay the relevant fees.
  • United Airlines will give you the confirmation message at your registered email ID.

Select the seats at check-in:

When you are unable to choose the seats, you can choose the check-in time period for selecting the seats. You just need to add the flight details, such as the flight number, confirmation, and travel dates online at the check-in handle. When you access the flight booking account, you can get the boarding pass immediately in your mail.

Talk to the United Airlines customer service:

Apart from all the relevant ways, you can communicate with the customer service experts and get assistance. For this, you can call the United Airlines phone number at 1-800-UNITED-1 (1-800-864-8331) and follow the instructions. When you choose the preferred button, you will get customer service experts to ask about the preferred seats.

How much is the United seat selection fee?

United allows you to select the seats for a fee depending on the type of ticket and the seat location. You can also skip selecting the United Airlines seats, and airlines will assign random seats for free.
  • The seat selection prices for the general bookings are between $5 and $20 for both-way tickets.
  • The prices for the economy plus seats can be between $16 to $169 depending on the destination and the travel demand.
  • If you choose the seats for the unaccompanied minor traveling alone, you need to pay the fee of $150.

How to Get free seat selection on United?

One can purchase the seats with United Airlines in advance by paying the additional charges accordingly. You can refer to the following information to seek the free United seat.
  • Premier members can get complimentary seats in the economy plus class.
  • However, use the promo codes and redeem the vouchers available on the United website.
  • Upper-class fare is allowed to choose the seats randomly for the flight booking.
  • Basic economy seats are not required to pay the fees as airlines assign random seats to them.
United Airlines works to provide distinct seating options to have a convenient and cozy flying experience. If you still need to select the seats, you can check their website or reach the airport boarding counters to ask for the best United preferred seats for the journey. Read More:- United Airlines Vacation Packages – All Inclusive Travel Deals United Airlines Group Travel

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