It is obvious that you will request a refund after cancelling your United flight. However, you must understand United Airlines refund policy when you cancel your flight ticket. Further, the airline allows refunds that change with the fare type of passengers. However, you can get a refund in flight credit when the airline does not provide a cash refund. If not, then know it. You can use that flight credit for booking the flight in the future. However, know that the credits have a validity of one year. Therefore, First, assess if you are eligible for a refund or not. Further, fill out the United Airlines refund form and submit it. However, if you are unable to find out your eligibility to request a refund and process to get it, then this blog will guide you. Further, you can make an informed decision.

Understanding United Airlines Refund Policy

Before you request a refund, it is important to learn about the situation when United Airlines issues a refund. Therefore, whether you are eligible for United airlines reimbursement depends on various factors like,
  • Time of cancellation
  • Type of fare class
  • Whether the airline cancels the flight or you cancel it.

So, you need to follow the below rules:

  • The airline issues you a full refund when you cancel your flight ticket, 24 hours of reservation. However, at least a week must be there for flight departure.
  • Similarly, the airline charges a cancellation fee when you cancel the ticket after 24 hours of itinerary.

For Basic Economy Ticket 

  • Passengers can not get a refund for cash or flight credit when they cancel their basic economy ticket 24 hours after itinerary.
  • Similarly, passengers can ask for a United cancelled flight refund by converting a basic economy ticket to a standard economy. Further, you will receive a refund in flight credit that helps you book future travel.
  • Passengers can upgrade for less. Though they lose some of their money, still future credit is like “something is better than nothing.”
Note: Passengers can check my bookings on the official website when they are eligible for a United upgrade. They can also use the United mobile applications. Further, the fee to upgrade your basic economy to economy ticket differs with the flight.

For Refundable Ticket

Passengers Airlines allows passengers full cash refunds when they cancel their United Airlines fully refundable tickets in all fare classes except basic economy. Passengers can choose to get flight credit as it gives them the freedom to plan their journey in one year. Want to Know More? Visit United’s official website to learn more about United Airlines policies to request a refund. Also, you can connect with United Airlines refund customer service by calling (1-800-864-8331).

How to Request a Refund from United Airlines?

The airline allows an easy refund process when you fulfil the eligibility requirements. Therefore, you can apply for a refund through its website or mobile application. Follow below step-by-step process: 
  • Visit United Airlines website:
  • Scroll down to manage my bookings option.
  • Further, enter the canceled flight booking details
  • Next, fill out the refund request form
  • Submit the form and receive the confirmation mail.
Note: United Airlines can take up to 7 working days to process the refund for credit card payments. However, days can extend up to 20 working days when you use other modes of payment. In addition, the airline will process the amount to the source of payment only. Still not able to request a refund? Contact United Airlines customer service (1-800-864-8331) to speak with a representative. Further, the representative will help you in requesting the refund.

Does United have Fully Refundable Tickets?

Yes. United Airlines allows passengers to purchase fully refundable tickets. However, they need to pay an extra cost. That further increases the cost of refundable tickets. Passengers can also expect a complete refund when they cancel the itinerary 24 hours after the itinerary.

What Does Fully Refundable Mean on United?

A fully refundable ticket offers a full refund in cash and not in United Airlines flight credit. Therefore, passengers can request a complete refund when they secure a fully refundable ticket. Further, passengers can purchase these tickets in all fare classes except basic economy (N). Other Blog – United Airlines Lost and Found Policy


Thus, by following the above information, passengers can easily request a refund. Moreover, they need to fulfil the eligibility criteria for the United Airlines refund mentioned on the website. Passengers can fill a refund request form and finish the process online. They can also contact the airline (1-800-864-8331) for any query.


Can I cancel a United ticket and request a refund?

Yes. You can cancel your flight ticket with United Airlines. Further, you can get a refund if you fulfil the terms and conditions.

Can I cancel a United flight without penalty?

Yes. You can cancel the flight without penalty for 24-hour after itinerary. However, 7 days must be there for flight departure. It is applicable to all fare classes, including basic economy tickets.

How much does United charge to cancel a flight?

United Airlines does not charge cancellation fees when passengers cancel a trip, 24 hours of buying ticket. After that period, the airline charges a fee depending on the fare type. Go through the airline website for updated cancellation charges.

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